Rising Book Spotlight on: “Trian, An Epic Fantasy” by Elizabeth Russel

Here at Spotlight, my goal is to help put the spotlight on great literature and art and help spread the word. I want to write stories on their behalf, which is why I write reviews and features.

I am beyond blessed that there are independent authors reaching out to me and telling me about their projects, particularly in the fantasy and science fiction genre. There are so many exciting stories being written out there, and I am so happy to be finding them slowly but surely.

One particular book that has intrigued me when the author contacted me is…

“Trinian, An Epic Fantasy” by Elizabeth Russel

This upcoming fantasy by blogger and author Elizabeth Russel puts itself in the follows the beautiful tradition of high epic fantasy literature. It’s only fitting since Elizabeth is a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, and his world-building and mythological roots are a big influence to her writing.

Unlike other books that you read all at once, “Trinian, An Epic Fantasy” has its first chapter published on her website The Fairytale Blog, and when you sign up for her book listing, you can read the rest of the book on a weekly basis, along with writing updates and illustrations.

“Trinian” tells the story of Trinian, the new king of a kingdom called Drian. Being newly crowned, he has the burden of strengthening his broken kingdom after a century of political and social unrest. To add to that, a god named Power wants to dispose of Trinian and his family in order to claim the world for himself. Gods, magic, kings, and warriors sweep across Drian, along with the looming of Power’s mysterious master, who might prove a more dangerous foe than he is.

The fate of the kingdom is tossed around, and every hand that tries to grab this destiny is just as fragile as they are powerful. Can Trinian save his kingdom and his family? Who is Power’s master? What will be of Drian? Read and find out.

You can read the first chapter here:

The premise of this novel is very exciting. Epic fantasy literature has influenced today’s films and geek culture, and adding to this genre shelf is always welcome. Elizabeth wonderfully sets up the wild and beautiful land of Drian and places a hero who is young and needing to protect both his kingdom and his family. Power’s desire for power and control is also set up wisely because he is under the mercy of his own master, thus he tries to put Drian under his mercy. It’s a struggle of insecurity in such a powerful being that’s classic and timeless.

Elizabeth is a rising storyteller, writing teacher, and published author under Clean Reads Publishing, and I’m so excited to read the rest of “Trinian”. Please do sign up for her email list, because by January, 2019, she’ll be sending the next chapters and the illustrations. We have a new fantasy world to explore by the new year!

You can also explore the rest of her website right here:

It’s such an amazing website to explore. You can also see link to Elizabeth’s first published book, “Halfbreeds”, and read her short stories and writing tips. Once “Trinian” is complete, I’ll be writing a full-review of the book, so please stay in tune to see this rising work in the spotlight.

To Drian for the New Year!


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